Pamela Pereyra Jewelry
Working primarily in sterling silver with flourishes of gold and gemstones, I hand fabricate so that each piece I make is a unique work of art. I am influenced by the ideas that less is more and that each piece has enough space to breathe. My work is minimalist, sculptural and timeless and is inspired by contemporary design and architecture.

My current works, which I call journaling in metal, grew out of recent life experiences. The subjects of making and having babies, parenting, relationships, and most recently becoming a citizen are explored in self-examination both literal and metaphorical. For instance, metal is stamped with a strand of the chemical structure of DNA or woven as two cultures weave themselves into one. The jewelry I make has a life, a story and a part of me within it. I want the viewer to experience the fact that the jewelry was handmade by one person, an artist.

In a global, disposable world, it is hard to find things made by one person. I design and hand-craft each jewelry piece in my lovely studio in Taos, NM.