Pamela Pereyra Jewelry
Offset keum-boo petal earringsFramed Keum-boo Petal necklaceFramed keum-boo petal earringsSmall petals
The Petals jewelry collection highlights the little accents of a flower, the small thing we sometimes don't take the time to view. This organic line of jewelry is light and fun to wear. Single earrings and pendants are available for people who like simple and small. And bigger, yet light, framed petals are perfect for people who love wearing big. The offset petals are a fun addition to this collection for the wearer that doesn't like to match, at all! All gold pieces are made with 24K gold applied through an old Korean method of gilding, called Keum-boo. If gold is not your thing, all jewelry can be made out of sterling silver only. The black jewelry has been oxidized for dramatic effect.