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Who is Pamela Pereyra?

Since 1999


Pamela Pereyra is recognized as a media and learning leader, speaker and artist. She works with students, teachers, parents, administrators, legislators and community members. She has been in many classrooms implementing critical analysis/production workshops and curriculum empowering and connecting people to issues important to them, their community, and their power. 

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Pamela Pereyra is the person you turn to when you want to have fun implementing future-ready learning programs. From building your curriculum to sustainable professional development in media, technology, and learning and from becoming an expert in hands-on media digital literacy to unleashing youth voice in multimedia productions, Pamela has figured out the  a formula to create sustainable and resilient programs in learning through group collaborations.

Who is Pamela Pereyra?


Pamela is recognized  as the leading voice for Rural Learning, as the  go to person for  Media Literacy in New Mexico, an an expert in Youth Media Programs since 1999, as a fountain of resources for the latest information on Media Learning, as major promoter and implementer of Critical Media Literacy and as leading NM coach on the Thoughtful Integration of Media & Technology. 

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Media Education Consultant since 1999

Teacher Support & Professional Development/ Youth Media/ Design Thinking / Media and Learning Design / Rural Education / Critical Media Literacy / Research & Implementation / Student Transformation